Welcome To The Bridge To Nowhere!?

You are looking at a roadside view of what is aptly named "The Bridge to Nowhere". This bridge on rte.162 in Chester County is gated and locked by the county 24/7. You may walk across this functional piece of history to find a "Date Stone" in the center on your left. It reads the following.

As you can plainly see this bridge was erected in 1908 using rock, mortar, and earth. It crosses over the Brandywine river and delivers you unto county park lands.

You may say, "Why is Black Horse interested in a long forgotten bridge that leads nowhere?"

The answer lies about a mile and a quarter past this bridge through waist high grass through a windy almost overgrown trail and over rarely used rail road tracks. It brings us to a place simply called "Potter's Field".

This sign literally is the only structure around (with exception of the weathered fence and high power lines way off in the distance). It tells an tremendously understated story of it's residents. Upon closer inspection the following is read.

This sign was apparently erected by Girl Scouts and still stands today. Whether or not the information is correct remains to be seen. I was told that this site was a graveyard that was used by a nearby asylum and has long since been out of use. The local hospital has taken ownership of it and does the maintanance on it.

This sign as constructed by Girl Scout Troop #133 and contains information that states that this graveyard was established in, or around 1800.

Still you ask "Why are you interested in a long abandoned cemetary from the 1800's?"

The answer lies within.

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