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What have we Here?

After all of the frustrating events of the previous cemetary have come to pass. We did a little more research this year on the surrounding area and came up with what you see above. Yes, ANOTHER cemetary. This one is located not far from the old Chester county Poorhouse. A washed out sign like the last marks this one.

This sign can be barely be made out of what it says. It says to the effect of a Restored Cemetary. This sign has been intentionally painted over though. But Why?

Upon inspection of this cemetary. we find completly different markers that we were used to at the previous site. These are actually sunk partially into the ground and are square shaped as seen below.

This cemetary is in far worse condition than the last one. The stones START at 5 (safe to assume there WAS 1 through 4) and go up until #69. shown below.

This brings our total of buried to 272. While searching the yard for clues we stumbled across this more traditional base of a tombstone.

This brings our total to 273. Who was this person? Why were they buried in such a different fashion than the others? Where is the stone? It looks way off in consistancy with the others.

This graveyard brings us more questions than it does answers. I think this was the actual grave yard for the poorhouse, while the first one may have been for the hospital.

273 graves,and the only names around are on the bridge and the ruins of the poorhouse. I guess only structures deserve names, not graves.

These are pictures of the poorhouse in Chester County. Note the similarity of the stone in the bridge and the stone on the poorhouse.

Pictures by Eric Heinrich.

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