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By Robb Simcox

In the work we have done we have been presented with the following question in various forms time and time again.

"Do Ouija boards actually contact spirits?"

I don't think I can answer that in the way that I am inclined to do, That is personally. The only way I can answer that is in relationship to what we do. I can't say either way with any certainty because of the following fact. We have NEVER monitored any activity connected with or surrounding any ouija board. This is not to say that there is no activity around them, it's just that we have seen none ourselves.

Now, practically everyone who has come in contact with a ouija board has an opinion on them. This I find very interesting for several reasons, the foremost is that they generally have an ominous reputation. Is this due to their use? Or perhaps due to the way they have been portrayed through the media,(movies,print,ect.). It could even be in part the design of the board itself. If you look at one you see the reproduction of the original William Fuld board. All this not to mention that they used to be produced in none other than Salem, Massachusetts. These boards seem to thrive in all the mystique and mystery worthy of a David Copperfield magic show.

In it's totality, a ouija board consists of a cardboard board with print and a plastic "mystifying oracle" thrown in. It is sold in almost every toy store in America and is marketed and kept in the games section, but is in no way a game, or even a toy. To the untrained eye this would go on record as the WORST game ever to set forth on to the American stage. So why with all this said does the recognition of this object remain so high and nearly everyone have an opinion on this topic. Could it be that no matter how small the chance that this thing might work, the possibility of it doing so touches the soul in such a way to say that there is life beyond death. We may never know. The answer may lie in each and every one of us.

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