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These preshrunk 100% cotton Beefy Hanes shirts are Ash Gray. They are comfortable and great for those instances when you think wearing a shirt is a good idea! These are the exact same shirts that are used by our organization while on site. They are emblazoned in blue on the left chest with the following.

Due to the fact that these items were not originally ment for sale to the open public, we only have XL available. Other sizes will be available soon. Keep in mind these shirts are made to stand up to the most hideous hauntings, the most scary spectres, and the most problematic Poltergeists around. So everyday wear on these shirts are child's play.

These shirts are $15 for XL plus $2 shipping and handling(total of $17). Please make checks payable to the following.

Robert Simcox

P.O. Box 253

Marcus Hook, Pa, 19061