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B.H.P.R.'s use of psychics.

By Robb Simcox

Our use of psychics has been one of the most questioned topics I have been asked. The questions range from the simple to the extreme complex. I have listed some of them below.

Q) "Does Black Horse use psychics?"

A) Yes we do. We use psychics in limited capacity in our research. We have never used psychics as the focal point of our investigations for several reasons. The foremost ones being that it is very dificult to measure psychic ability and to have the individual psychic harness their ability selectivly. Therefore psychic ability is very subjective in it's interpretation. This is not to say that we do not value psychic ability and it's usefulness, it simply means that we cannot rely solely on the information gained with it.

Q) "Does B.H.P.R. use one psychic over and over again?"

A) No. We have used different psychics from time to time.

Q) "How are psychics utilized in an investigation?"

A) It truly depends on the individual psychic. Some psychics are very informative and can come in very handy in locating information. (very rare) While others are very distant and non-informative. Some are completly silent and must be worked with diligently in an effort to retrieve information. Keep in mind that the more comunicative a psychic is does not mean that the psychic is more effective. Quiet ones,by the same token, does not neccesarily mean that they are not effective.

Q) "Are psychics used on every investigation?"

A) No.

Q) "What do you want a psychic to do most on an investigation?"

A) My primary concern for psychics to do on an investigation is to have them locate high activity areas if possible. The high activity areas are the best place for us to start looking for anomolies. Anything else that the psychics can provide is what I consider a bonus.

Q) "How effective have psychics been with your investigations?"

A) That ranges from investigation to investigation. We have had better results more recently with them than in the past due to what I think is our ability to have them work with the Tech team more closely.

If you have any questions of your own please feel free to e-mail them to us at the address below. Thank you.

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Lima, PA 19061
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