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Last updated December 4th 2001, with the update of contact information.

You have reached the Black Horse Paranormal Research's website. A.K.A. B.H.P.R. We are located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA. We are strategicly located in one of the oldest and historically rich locations in North America. A suburb to Philadelphia, we find our research takes us to the earliest recorded history around.

Our research involves many spectrums of the paranormal, but the field that really stands out is the realm of ghosts. This takes up the lion's share of resources in time, finances, along with, availabilty and interest.

I understand that the first term that may come to your mind is "ghostbusters" or "ghosthunters". This is the farthest thing from our goal as researchers. You see the term "ghostbuster" to us symbolizes not only a movie, but an attitude of having us AGAINST the ghost, and the term "ghost hunter" to us symbolizes more of a bloodhound type of mind set. These two terms, while used by other organizations, does not fit our agenda in the least. We are more researchers than anything else. Hence the term researchers in our name. The term researchers to us displays more of an attitude of observer, rather than a participant. Our goal is not to destroy or hunt down, it is to document and observe. This website is dedicated to just that.

To take a look at other aspects of B.H.P.R.

Take a closer look at different aspects of our investigation.
A brief overview of the investigations and tools we use
Look at different sites we have/are investigating.
These are a few sites that we are at liberty to discuss publicly.
Our ouija board page!
Our view on and about ouija boards. Links included!!!
Our Contact page!
To get in touch!
Black Horse Paranormal Research T-shirts!
They are now being offered to the public for a limited time only!!!

Some sausage that I think might be helpful and entertaining.

R&R Communications.
Every decent investigation needs to have quiet communication between investigators. We can think of none better than R&R communications. Not only can they suit your needs with person to person radio, they can also set you up with closed circuit video and audio. These good people have no problem working with ghostly investigations or the like. They can fit any budget and any needs, including sales and service via mail. Tell 'em we sent ya'.
An advice column that pulls no punches
I stumbled across this site one day. Being a fan of small websites I think it's a winner. Hey it's free as all get out.
Ghost Links
Here are some links to other ghost pages from some other organizations. Although we cannot validate any of the claims made by these organizations, we thoght you might be interested in looking at some of thier findings. There are some great photos and stories to browse through.

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