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By Robb Simcox

Electromagnetic Fields, (a.k.a. EMF) is a magnetic field that is usually hosted by an electrical device. Example, Toaster, Television, Computer, ect. It is a field that is present only while the device is electrically charged. EMF is a field that emminates from the objects in a fashion similar to regular magnets. They are invisible and can be detected using meters. Every EMF field has what is called a "host". A host is the item giving off the field.

There are two types of EMF fields. The one we have spoken about is Alternating Current. This is produced by appliances that utilize Alternating Current, (a.k.a. AC) Example, your home current.

The second type is called Direct Current, (a.k.a. DC). Example your automobile current. DC EMF also emminates from humans and animals. Due to the fact we ourselves utilize DC electrity. Mind you, not as much as your car, but, we still do use it.

Why do I mention EMF in dealing with our investigation into the paranormal? Because, measuring EMF on site is crucial to detecting possible anomolies. Where we emminate DC EMF from ourselves. It is believed that ghosts and possible entities emminate AC EMF. I myself had my doubts when I learned of this, but I have seen with my own eyes the effect of this. I am equiped with an EMF meter along with my other meters and believe that the EMF meter is by far the most important piece of equipment that I carry. It has many time pointed me in the right direction, and has helped in directing an investigation.

An EMF meter is a hand held meter that measures EMF in units of milli- Gauss. The usual range for haunting investigation is anywhere from 3.0 to 8.0, depending on the intensity. Tv's give off about 45, flourecent lights give of much more due to the ballast, about 75 to 200+ at close range. Incandecent lights give off far less, between 1.5 to about 4. Wires transfering the electricity can also give off this field depending on the amount of electric being transferred.The key to remember when measuring EMF fields for hauntings is that an EMF field is constant, either on or off. A field should not fade unless the item giving off the signal is itself moving. Reducing the amount of electricity to an item does not mean that the signal will also reduce. In some cases the signal can actually increase. The key is also remembering that EMF fields always increase when you move toward the item emmiting the EMF. Thus an entire EMF field can not be suspended in midspace. It must have a source.