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0 You have reached the Black Horse Paranormal Research website. We are currently updating the look and content of our site. Also known as B.H.P.R., we are based in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our location, just south of Philadelphia, is rich in history both colonial as well as native American.

Our research takes us through many facets of the paranormal experience. Our primary focus is hauntings. We are jokingly referred to as "ghostbusters" or "ghosthunters". Neither term fits our true agenda. The term "ghostbuster" symbolizes an attitude, as depicted in the movie of the same name, of being AGAINST the ghost, and the term "ghosthunter" implies that we go out, with a bloodhound-like disposition, interogating spirits. We are, as our name says, researchers. We are more observers, than participants. Our goal is not to destroy or hunt but to document. This web site helps us share our experiences.

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