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How goes it Babe? My name is Jynx.

Hello, my name is Jynx. I'm 3 years old and have my own pet human. He's usually a good pet. I have trained him to feed me,pet me,water me,give me treats,and be there when I want him. Sometimes he brings over other humans to pay attention to me. All in all he's a good little human. I think he's so good that I like to reward him by looking at him from time to time. I have some others that live with me too. I don't feel like talking about them now. Let's continue to talk about the most hansom feline to grace the web, ME!!! Sometime though my pet needs to be corrected and that's when I slap him up side his head. He tends to listen better then. Hmmm. I think he just put food down for me, I gotta go and see how he's doing as my pet. Bye y'all. Puuurrrrrrr!!!

Jynx late at night.

The Eyes of the Jynx
See for yourself.

The Jynx has graced your presence times.